#i am cry #i literally had an open discussion with my friend that i watched this episode with tonight about why they gave each other these looks #and why the hell did stiles look so /intense/ about saying it and why the hell did derek literally pause and look at him that way #like why #why was this a thing #why is this what it is #why #emotionally compromising #literal idiots #literal idiots that would literally do anything for one another to keep the other alive #that haven’t even worked their way up to friendship yet and continue doing this #literal #idiots #dumb #dumb and fucking dumber #i hate this show i hate my life i hate existence in its entirety

#I WAS SO THROWN BY THAT LOOK ON DEREK’S FACE #like he’s staring at stiles as if he’s thinking ‘god you’re the only one here with a brain’ #’you just treaded water for 2 hours to save my life’ #’i don’t understand you at all’ #’i want to say thank you but i can’t’ #’you weigh like 90 pounds how did you hold me up WHY did you hold me up’ #’my head hurts’ #IF THIS IS THE KIND OF LOOK YOU GIVE SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT EVEN FRIENDS WITH IMAGINE WHAT THE LOOKS WILL BE LIKE WHEN THEY LEGIT OPENLY CARE… #ABOUT ONE ANOTHER #NOPE NOPE NOPE I DID NOT SIGN OFF ON THESE FEELINGS

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    i was so thrown by that look on derek’s face #like he’s staring at stiles as if he’s thinking ‘god you’re the only one...
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