Bamf!Cas - part 1

Dean’s face when Cas say he should show some respect though


 R; Rebel

  • “I rebelled for this?! So you could surrender to them?” 

Fuck You My OTP Loves Each Other

6x10 Caged Heat

What this episode says about Castiel’s character flaws are tremendous. But there’s still this. He spends the whole episode trying to carefully craft and sell off the image he wants Dean to see. He is that firmly invested in Dean’s opinion of him.

Dean wants to actively help Cas, (and does later in the season, from his perception,when given the opportunity).

The second scene specifically though-Dean is uncomfortable with emotional confrontation. Even here he averts his eyes when he starts to apologize,become emotionally vulnerable to someone he hasn’t seen in a year and a half and in front of his soulless brother. But then he looks back at Cas to let him know he’s being sincere and to maintain an emotional connection of the message. And this is probably one of Cas’ most honest and direct scenes in the episode. He’d rather be with Dean, would rather be on earth than with the clusterfuck going on in heaven.