—-> 3x13 - “Ghostfacers” 


A Narrative



spn meme: four quotes→[2/4]

They sliced and carved and tore me in ways that you- Until there was nothing left. And then suddenly, I would be whole again, like magic. Just so they could start in all over. And Alastair, at the end of every day, every one, he would come over and he would make me an offer to take me off the rack if I put souls on. If I started the torture. And every day I told him to stick it where the sun shines. For thirty years I told him. But then I couldn’t do it anymore, Sammy. I couldn’t. Then I got off that rack, God help me I got right off it, and I started ripping them apart. I lost count of how many souls. The things that I did to them. —Dean Winchester


They smell it on him, the self-loathing, fear of abandonment, the vulnerability.



#how many purgatory monsters do you guys think fell in love with dean tho

#but for real though #dean winchester as campfire tale#dean winchester as legend #there’s a human in purgatory #he’s the most beautiful and terrifying thing you’ll ever see #and if you ever see him you should run #dean’s own humanity is a beacon #more like a siren song #the monsters are fascinated and venture closer than they should #and are dashed against his rocks #SPN#purgatory tag #dean #unf #YOU SHALL LOVE HIM AND DESPAIR (via siterlas)